Thursday, 14 April 2011


Well after the loverly few days we had i think today is the day to make you all wish you had a pair of these...

Ok, the picture isn't good but today i wish my mum had knitted me some woollie legging too! Thes ones are for my tiny so she can be warm and toasty when we go ice skating! Mum even made some extra patches to put on a knee pads if she wanted them but i think they will become teddy covers!

NOTE: we tested them and they were fab. one warm and toasty tiny at the ice rink!


  1. My MIL is knitting woolly trousers for my son as we speak! He has knitting-mad nana's :)

    It is freezio outside today and I'm also glad to have a wealth of knitted cardi's etc for days just like this to keep bubba warm!

    Kerry x


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