Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shorts and a silly thing

I finally used some of the fabric i bort in barcelna last year and made my lad some shorts.

He says the pockets are too low down but other wise he likes them. On monday i took him out and let him choose some more fabric so he can have more than 1 pair of shorts this summer, he choose blue camoflage type fabric and black with large skull and cross bones fabric. I've cut them out and just need to sew them up now, with an improved pocket design!
As to being silly, i bort a new book at the end of last week only to find i'd already got it! so If anyone wants a copy of the Red Queen by Phiippa gregory just say and its yours.
Anyway, cheers you all, may well not get back to you till after easter so, if not, don't eat too much chocolate.


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