Monday, 11 April 2011


On friday my little chap was evacuated! Well only for the day. He's been doing world war II at school and his year all went to school as evacuees on friday ready for their 'VE day' party!

I went for his school shorts and socks. I know the white shirt isn't exactly correct but i wasn't buying anything new so went with what he had (very make do and mend). My mum knitted him a tank top (v necked as they wore at the time) using some old wool she had in her stash. (mum doesn't buy wool very often and yet she has a massive stash! all the old ladies that she knows give her their wool that they don't use any more for her charity knitting and then tell their friends how send her more wool!). We put him in one of his dads ties (cut off cos it was way too long) and my brothers old cub cap (with badge and gold braid removed) complete with moth holes! I had to make him a gas mask box (box covered in brown paper with string) so he felt 'properly war time'. I think he looked very 1930's.


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