Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Patterns needing homes

Hi all,
On the weekend i popped into one of my local charity shops, i like to look for things to use.......
Anyway, i found some patterns, 4 in total and 3 of them unopened! and all for 49p (yes 4 patterns for 49p!) How could i resist knowing that i could find them good homes! well, i got them home, have taken photos and if you want any of them they are yours, i just need an address.
YES, Free to good homes!
and here they are...
A simplicity pattern (9103) approx 1970, pattern says size 12 misses. (i say ye-ha!)
An other simplicity pattern (9716) approx 1970, pattern says size 16
a style pattern, again approx 1970's (there is a theme here i think!) pattern says size 12 misses
and finally
A vogue pattern, this is the one thats been opened and i haven't checked if all the bits are there. Again approx 1970 and this one says its a size 14.

So if you want one just leave me a message (making sure i can get hold of you!) and i can organise sending it to you. x

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  1. Ooooh, when I see patterns it makes my heart flutter! I do the same, collect patterns from charity shops but it means I have a pile that I never make :( It's lovely of you to offer them out for free and I'll leave them to someone who will actually use them, not just a crafting magpie like me!!
    Kerry xxx


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