Tuesday, 14 September 2010

made at home - book review

I received a couple of books to review last week, and this is the second one -

Made at Home – Lisa Stickley
A beautiful book that anyone who wants to put their own fabric stamp on their home should have, from 1st time buyers to those who simply want a change, through novice sewers to the more advanced this book has something for everyone.

At the beginning of the book, there are explanations of all those sewing terms, different fabrics, their properties and uses and how to guides on zips and button holes.
Them comes the projects, neatly divided up into different areas of the home. Each project has detailed step-by-step guides to help any level of sewer through the project. A handy iron symbol helps to remind you when to iron (something I often skip to the detriment of the project!)

From cushions a plenty to doorstops and bed throws this book has everything to make your home individual and fabrically special.

And when I get five minutes to myself I’ll begin to fill my home with beautiful things, although I am expecting my hubby not to understand any of it! But then he doesn’t get cushions!


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