Thursday, 30 September 2010

Giveaway win and owl stories.

well lucky me, i won the the felt fairy 's giveaway, a voucher so spend in her ebay shop (ebay).
Loverly as the felt is i decided not to get any, i got a couple of things that would last me forever (and some buttons! i can let the kids play with them and not fret about chocolate stains!)

Anyway, do you remember the loverly little owl that Kathy sent me in the autumn/halloween blogs swap?

Well within moments of showing him to my tiny he was adopted! 'Is my owl' she said, 'hoo hoo' (owl makes the movement, she makes the noise). 'Look mummy he can't fly!' She proceeds to chuck him in the air and point when he hits the floor! Owl has gone to nursery today! He was cold on the way so had to be tucked into tiny's coat and she pretended to take his coat and shoes off when we arrived! they only problem is her big brother now wants an animal too, not an owl though cos they are 'rubbish!'

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  1. Oh that's so sweet... I should have sent you two! I received your parcel yesterday, thank you so much! Everything was lovely, you've worked very hard on it all...and I loved the kiddymade wrapping paper! I'm having problems uploading photos on my laptop at the moment, but as soon as I get it sorted I'll do a post in honour of your lovely gifts! Thanks again, Kathy xxx


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