Tuesday, 21 September 2010

In which i get to meet Ben Fogel!

Well! yesterday was works macmillian coffee morning (well afternoon but i'm not counting!). I'd made cake for the bake off for me and hubby and had hope of seeing Mr Fogel from afar! (i had promised hubby that i would not attempt to lick Ben!)
well hubbys cake, pear and chocolate got no further than his office before it was eaten by him and his office mates!
I entered a lemon meringue cake
Well, it got busier, and we admired the bunting!
And then after not winning the bake off i got to meet Ben and learnt about his next trip to the pole! I also couldn't help noticing what nice fabric his shirt was made from! Now i know i'm a fabricaholic!


  1. Only a man from good, upper class stock could sport such a fine head of hair as the lovely Mr Fogel!
    Lemon meringue cake looks de-lish...yum yum!

    Kerry x

  2. ooh jealous much :-)
    cakes look yum too!!!

  3. Oh I do love a good meringue! Mr Fogel's a bit posh for my taste, I have to say, but he does have a black labrador called Inca (or did) just like us!
    Love Kathy xxx


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