Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Busy doing nothing...

well i have been busy doing nothing. I'm having a serious patch of procrastination! have to shake myself out of it for i'll never finish christmas! I know its 100 days away but if i don't get started it'll be over before i've even got the sewing machien out!
SO last night i managed to cut out a stocking shape and place some fabric on it. What do you think? i'm planning to add some merry christmas ribbon when it arrives from patch fabrics and some 'stitching effects'.

 please excuse the hideous back ground. its my wipe clean table cloth or all kiddy activities. it was in the off cuts bin and thus while doing the job was also cheap.
I will have to put christmas on pause for a little longer as i'm involved with craftyhelenathome Autumn/Halloween swap
I've been paired with the loverly Kathy. I've got lots of ideas wantering around my head. I just need to DO something!!!!


  1. You look like you've got Christmas well on track already! I wouldn't worry. Love Kathy x

  2. The stocking looks awesome!
    I too am in a sewing rut although mine has been prompted by an inability to actually reach the machine, (due to piles of baby things awaiting the completion of the nursery)!
    Kerry x

  3. I don't think about Christmas until the week before, you're doing fine :)

  4. It took me 2 years to get my advent calendar finished (was used last year!!) I didn't make the table runner I wanted to either..there is never enough time :(


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