Monday, 19 August 2013

a break

What ho,
 i've been on holiday at my mums house. its a fab holiday destination, comfy, cheap, has in-built childcare (my dad), a chef (mum). Its nice to not have to do anything, even if its just for a week (don't think my mum could cope with longer!)
before i went i visited the festival of quilts, but not until after i'd had to make a dragon outfit.
Yes, Tiny did the by the way mum, i need to be a dragon tomorrow thing as she went to bed!
She also insisted that her tail had to be puffy!
see my use of her dino dress

my green tights, and alot of gaffer tape!

pinned on wings

puffy tail as requested!

 I did get to see the quilts and did a workshop, i'll show you what i made when i finish it! but for now heres some quilts.


  1. Wow at those quilts and also at the speed with which you can put together a dragon outfit!


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