Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Garage fabric

 i'm not dead. Some of you may have thought it as i haven't blogged in a while but i'm not. slowly rotting maybe but not dead yet!
I have made something and i'll show you that tommorrow but today i wanted to show how fab my chums are. 
Last week i bumped into my friend husband at the shops
 'ooooo, Helen, just the person i wanted to see'
I always cringe at these words cos last time they were used i ended up with a fake beard and a tea towel on my head (look about  half way down)
' we've cleared out the gargae and have some fabric for you'
Yipee , i can't turn down free fabric and hubby can't moan too much as its free!

The following friday The 4 binbags (half full cos you know how heavy it gets) arrived at my house.
I've had a great time sorting it all out. I made up one bag to go into school as its stuff i'll never use. 
Some is that really thick furnishing fabric - it'll make fab bags (infact there were 6 sets of bag handles lurking in the binbags too!).
I have a massive pile to wash as it all has that special - been stored in a garage smell.
It also contained some liberty prints. 
Don't get too excited its not flowery lawn, but furnishing fabric. I have pictures and i'm going to e-mail them to liberty so they can tell me more.
Anyway, Heres some pics..


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  1. oooh! you lucky girl .. isnt it fun to go through someone elses fabric and say ... yes, keep... no, go! xx


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