Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Seams so easy - Kit review.

I had the chance to review a kit from seams so easy .
Based in Beckenham, Kent they offer sewing workshops ands classes, especially designed for kids.
They also have a selection of kits available, suitable for all levels of sewing.
 A challenge for the beginner but fun for the more experienced too.
 I selected the the love birds cushion (as i thought it would go well with the red and white patchwork ones i made just after Christmas last year.)

 (sorry about the photo orientation but today computer says no!)

Anyway, the kit arrived promptly. It has all the materials you need to make the cushion cover, including pins and needles.

I had no trouble stitching a running stitch around the heart shape, and it is well explained for those who may be new to it. I did worry about my stitching being even but decided that if it was abit off it would just look rustic!
The running stitch is an easy way to embellish the pre-printed pattern and for a child or beginner it makes enough of a difference to be proud of.
The reverse is a red gingham, and full instructions are given on hemming it and attaching it.

Here is my finished cushion

 A quick ish project for me but i enjoyed it alot and it produced a cushion cover that's very pretty.
A perfect thing for those just starting out to try as with relative ease an attractive cushion cover can be created, and it can easily be further embellish by the more experience to create a completely individual cushion.


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