Monday, 1 October 2012

Stocking swap - grab you partner by the hand!

What ho (with added christmas jingle sounds)

I've partnered up all of those who signed up to the stocking swap, 

Fiona with Helen P
Helen W with Jenny
Aija with Bernie
Louise with Rachel
Katie with Lisa
Josie with Sara
Karen with Rae and
Helen M with Liz

I had to add surname letters for the Helens as there are 3 of us!

Have fun everyone and do show us what you get, (if you blog of course).


  1. Thanks for organising this - I'm really looking forward to it and you have partnered up with a lovely lady - she has excellent taste (as in a rather similar to mine! lol!)

  2. Hiya, thanks for partnering us up!

    My friend Sue from crafts@home is here with me for our crafting evening, but we cant see her name on the list and she did enter - will you be partnering (is that a word!) up later on?


    1. What Ho, I'll double check but I didn't get a reply to the questionaire. Sue please send it again and I'll get u partnered up. X

    2. Hiya, thanks for responding so quickly! Sue says she will resend it, dont know what went wrong the first time!


  3. Resent, please let me know if it doesn't arrive again
    Sue Xxx

  4. Hiya, I'm not sure if I've missed it but by what date do we have to send our packages? Thanks xx

    1. hi,
      i didn't set a date, i most would be sent figured by christmas.
      I'll probably send mine the end of november -avoid christmas postal rush and that. x

    2. That's grand, thanks. Have fun :D


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