Monday, 22 October 2012

sewing fun

 once again i have been busy but have little to show for it.

I made up some book marks, they have clear plastic pockets for popping gift cards or notes into. 
The plastic is a 'bugger' (excuse my language!) to sew but i risked ironing the reverse afterwards (just a quick blast) and it helped it stretch out a little, Phew!

I've been having a spot of fun these last couple of days making Christmas stockings.

I had a play with some 'machine embroidery'. Well, its not really embroidery, just free hand mess but I think it looks quite good and gives a nice texture to the fabric!
 These are baubles (i really hope you had guessed that!) I'm planning on popping some bling on them to make them sparkle.
 I also tried a Christmas tree
 I've used ribbons twirled round each other for tinsel, thought I'd add some bling and some button baubles.


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