Thursday, 11 November 2010

today and shoeboxes

Today i have my poppy on. I'll admit the thing holding my poppy to my coat is unconventional but given that there is so much in the last few weeks i've forgotten i think i did well to get it on my coat on the correct day.
Its on my coat cos they have health and safety rules in the lab!
Been busy sewing things for the craft fair (st. leonards church hall, marston green, Nov 20th from 10am - shameless plug!). I even managed to fall asleep at the machien  an evening or 2 ago, it was only 9pm but i'm constantly pooped at the moment! its all been going very slowly these last couple of days, just hope i get enough done so as to not look silly!

On top of that i've been getting the things togeather for my shoeboxes for operation christmas child
Just need to find shoeboxes and wrapping paper and they will be all set to go off and make a child happy this christmas.


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