Monday, 22 November 2010

The christmas market.

Well i think the christmas market on saturday went ok.
i did however completely fail to take any pictures! i forgot the camera and also forgot that i have a camera on my phone. Think i was just to busy worrying about someone buying something! i have plenty to take home for hubby to moan about but so far he hasn't. so tonight the tidying starts. Need to sort my fabric and put it away (well the bits i don't require before christmas).
I'm partipating in a christmas blog swap so i have to make a couple of things for that too as i need to get it sent off.
Well, so its not totally pictureless, here is something i made earlier this year. Its a santa christmas (thats what he gets called in our house!) place mat. Every year i send the kids up to bed, get all the presents out and as i'm sat there surrounded by small gifts, paper and sticky tape small feet can be heard hurtling down the stairs with a yell of, 'we forgot......... (add item here)'. so we don't forget anything for santa christmas this year i made a place mat with every thing on it! plate for biscuits (chocolate!), mug and flask for hot chocolate, space for reindeer carrots and a pocket for the santa key. we don't have a chimmey so we have a magic key which santa can use to get into the house and leave presents!
i hope it works!


  1. The place mat's a great idea x

  2. I love your blog and am passing you the One Lovely Blog Award. The picture is on my blog for you to collect x


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