Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Book review - Cath Kidson Stitch

Well , lucky lucky me, i was sent a copy of Cath Kidsons new book Stitch from the loverly people at quadrille publishing.

I haven't as yet had a chance to see the previous 2 books (although i'm quite sure i'll be getting one for christmas!) so it was a chance for me to step into the world of Cath Kidson as see what its all about!
Billed as 'Reinventing the arts of needlepoint and cross stitch for today's crafter' i was intrigued to see what it had to offer me.
At the very front of the book is every thing you need to complete a little project (as seen on the cover), a fantastic idea allowing the reader to try out the crafts as soon as possible.

Starting with a stitch glossary and technique descriptions (important for those new to the craft and a good reminder to those who have done some before) it has informatuion on how to start and finish off projects with those little touches that make them look fantastic!
The projects themselves are all based on Caths designs and are recognisable to any who know her work, from flowers to boats and cowboys they all all here. Some projects are tapastry and others cross stitch and some times you get a design used again giving you the patterns for both techniques.
All of the projects have bright beautiful picture accompanying them, so you know what the finished project will look like and helping you picture it in your own (or someone elses if your making for others) home.
At the end of the book there are conversion charts for using threads from different suppliers but not for changing tapastry wools to embroidary threads (or the reverse) if you wanted to convert the charts.
All in all a fantastic book that will inspire many to pick up a needle and i can't wait till i can get started on making one of the electric flowers cushions!


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