Thursday, 17 June 2010


I am in mourning for my sewing machien. try as i might i can't get it to behave, it will nor get the tensions right. it would be ok on thicker fabric but its not having any of it on anything thinner, like cotton! new machien has been ordered. this this the offending bit of equipment....

it was messing about a week or two ago, had to borrow mums machien to make her birthday present!
 my dad does gardening and one of his old ladies said i could have her old machien, the answer to this is oh yes

 i couldn't turn it down. it only has straight stitch but it has lots of fancy feet

i had to get the instructions out to find out what they all do!  there is a binding foot, an edge stitcher, a gathering foot, a hemmer, an adjustable hemmer, a ruffler, a cording foot (i thought it was a zipper foot) and a quilting foot! so much to play with! and i never had plans to do anything fancy, but when i've got back into the swing of sewing i may have to try some of these feet out!


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