Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I actually did something!

Well much to my amazement i did something last night instead of flumping on the sofa, drinking coffee and eating leftover curry! A few weeks ago i went on a clothkits sewing workshop, it was my birthday present and involved a stay at a hotel and a very plesent day making a skirt!  I hadn't done any sewing in a long time and thought it would be a good way to remind me how its done, make something nice and have some time to myself!

(i so need to sort out getting my photos turned round!)

I liked my skirt very much so bort a dress for tiny girl, i got it cut out but also realised that i really really need to clean my carpet! getting down to cut ment i got close to the carpet and realised just how much it smells of wee! the potty training isn't going well, prehaps i'll wait till shes got more of an idea about weeing locations (which are ok and which are not) and then have ago at it with some of that cleaning foam stuff!

will get the machiens out tonight and have a play with them, tinker with the tensions on one of them (its gone funny) and test the 'new' machien my dad got me. i say new, well its new to me, it a singer that only does straight lines, nothing fancy, cos they hadn't come up with fancy stuff (like zig zags) when it was built!


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