Thursday, 10 September 2015

Busy doing nothing

Hi all,
 much as the title says i've been busy doing nothing much!
its almost half way through september and i'm just about keeping up with everything but not managing much making :(

i say that but i have done some knitting -
Huge pile of knitted things
 this pile is destined to be christmas gifts so can't show you anymore of them!

At the weekend we went to the Birmingham University Community Day. I took Tiny last year, and took both of the smaller (only just) ones this year. 
Tinys plastercine dino

my lads dino

Rex eats the dino!

Baby Rex meets the Big Dino
 Oh yes, Tiny loved the big Dino!

In other news, having been back at school for about 2 days, i got the phone call - Tiny has (as you can see) cut her head open!
 Ended up having a trip to the hospital to get her glued togeather (i suggested to her that i could embroider her cut togeather with big flowers but she prefered the nurse doing it!) - she was very brave
 All this means that i haven't had much of a chance to visit In:Site this year - 
Its a crafty/creative thing for recent graduates that they have in Birmingham catheral grounds and have for the past several years. Heres a few quick pics i managed to get - hopeing to get a chance later to go see more.



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