Tuesday, 18 August 2015


what ho,
 to be honest , at the moment i feel that i'd forget my head even if it was screwed on!
 I went to the festival of quilts not last week but the week before and have told you nothing!!!

well, i didn't take lots of pictures (Fail) but i did do a workshop - can't show you it though as i plan to give a friend of mine the piece that i made for christmas
 i did however do an extra mini workshop on one of the stands - for the life of me i can't remember which but i made this -
A little embroidary - it quite cute (though i say so myself!
This week i have been mostly mending a gasebo cover for a friend so she can use it for her birthday! (my life is so exciting) 



  1. Love the embroidery over the layers of organza and your French knots (if they are French knots) are so neat.


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