Tuesday, 19 August 2014

catch up on the festival of quilts

Hi all,
I had planned to blog last week but time got away from me again - well really i was enjoying having the house to myself for a week and watching lots and lots of doctor who!

Me and my Mum went to the festival of quilts. It was mums first trip and she was wow'd by the quilts. 

We also did a workshop - It was a book cover - run by Christine Porter (www.quiltingtheworld.com)

we used new modern machines, mum struggled with the speed of hers (some one had made it slow and we couldn't work out how to make it faster!).
I struggled with the foot - it was lowered by a button not a lever - most confusing!

Mum working hard with some of the lovely helpers in the background)
This is what we made - it used some fantastic multicoloured threat from the Cotton patch (yes i went shopping and got some other colour blends!)

whilst sewing it
I didn't get it finished but did that at home - just have to decided which side i want as the front



  1. Looks super, I have yet to make it to this show, perhaps next year...


  2. I went to this as well (although tbh mostly for fabric shopping purposes) and was impressed by the quilts on display - that PacMan one was amazing. I don't know how to quilt so we didn't do any of the tutorials, but it was great for fabric and now I have so many more dresses to make!

  3. I love the use of fancy stitches and variegate thread - I'll have to file that idea away for future. I enjoy doing workshops to try out different machines. I have a Husqvarna without a foot lever, but mine drops the foot when I press the pedal. A great feature, but you soon get used to it and makes it difficult to switch back to other machines without creating at least one bird's nest of thread.

  4. Just catching up with you! THAT is lovely! Would like to try.....how is it done!? Will catch up properly when feeling better, chat soon x


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