Wednesday, 30 July 2014


What ho,
I've been away and as yet haven't gotten started on anything post holiday.

We didn't go far, me and the children went to the Hotel L' Mum and Dad!
Its fab, food is cooked for you, tea and coffee on tap and presented to you in bed. child care included. washing gets done, etc etc. (thanks mummy and daddy!)

As i didn't have a sewing machine i did knitting, it made a pleasant change and i do need to knit more,

I can't show you what i knitted (its for a swap) but I'm quite chuffed with the results and i also had loads and loads of left over wool for mum to use up.
anyways - hope you are all enjoying the weather, I'm finding it abit too hot and did enjoy going skating with my lad and Tiny on Sunday (hubby also came along for a good cool down!)


  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me!!


  2. Glad you enjoyed being looked after :) the colour of the wool is gorgeous!

    Bee happy x


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