Monday, 30 June 2014

A finally finished frock

At last i have finished the frock i have been procrastinating over - i do find it hard to sew while hubby is watching the football, that game tends to numb my brain!
anyway, its a peppermint candy swirl dress. once i'd seen the pattern i had to have it, but as usual i've hacked it slightly, 

I thought the neckline was too fussy so made it a round neck, and once made i thought a sash would just be tooooooooooo much! i find i seem to be one of the less is more camp

although too small for tiny she modelled it for me anyway. the little cap sleeves are made in the fabrics from the skirt, a different one, top and bottom and on each side - to match it up with the mix in the skirt. I basically rifled though my fabric cupboard and hunted out the reds! i never knew i had so much red!
I also tried doing s pretend overlock finish on the hem. I folded it over a little and then did a tight zigzag on it. 1/4 of the way round i was regretting it because this frock has a way bug hem!
it does look nice though and i ended up with a cabbage (usually called lettuce edge but i said this to tiny and she said i do like the cabbage edge, so i'm renaming it) edge as i had to pull it though the machine as it didn't want to feed it though!
quite chuffed with it, but will probably tweek it abit more when i make it again, i owe my niece a frock and tiny so i'll be busy (procrastinating again no doubt!)


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