Monday, 3 March 2014


Hidy ho,
Well i didn't write last week. I was being ill and got nothing done (even the washing up ended up being stacked up for 3 days!)
At the end of the week i received a gift form my friend. She'd been to Sri Lanka and brought me fabric (me friends know me so well!)
Lovely orange and to others that will make fab frocks for tiny.

On Saturday tiny did her first ice skating competition. It was just a little one for club members only but she enjoyed herself, wearing her skate dress and the matching boot covers and hair band she had me russel up. complete with bling!
She did very well and came first in her group!
even her brother is proud of her!


  1. Congratulations to your little star. She looks lovely in her outfit.

  2. Well done Tiny! And another well done for impressing her brother - as my daughter knows that is no mean feat ;)



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