Thursday, 27 March 2014

and finally

at last,
i've been trying all week to blog but have be rushed off my great smelly feet.

heres my week ; 
on saturday i wemt to the sewing for pleasure show with my mummy, 
saw this and had to take a picture - its suitable for seveal of my friends!

Then on sunday tiny had me help her start making a sock bunny

apparently shes hagrid!

Then the tooth fairy came to visit on tuesday
and last night i fianally finished something thats been sitting around for weeks, some dolls clothes for a friends little girls dolly.
I'll be sending these to their new owner before i make any more, want to be sure they fit ok!



  1. I too went to the Sewing for Pleasure show and somehow came home having purchased an overlocker. Now how did that happen! Too much watching the GBSB I guess. Love the dolls clothes. Do hope they fit, some little girl is going to be be very happy with those.

  2. I went to Sewing for Pleasure as well and considered an overlocker, but managed to resist.


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