Monday, 10 February 2014

Tiny has a hair cut

I was going to show you what i made last week but instead i'll show you what tiny did to her hair last night. looks like i'll be making wide hair bands tonight!

yes the top and side are really really short! she cried her eyes out after seeing my reaction!


  1. Oh dear! Was she pleased with herself until she saw your reaction? At least it is right sort of weather for hats.

  2. Oh dear! They really don't realise just what the end result will be do they - so many little ones do it though - and luckily it always grow back! Poor baby.

  3. ooohhh Bless her...that little crumpled face...sooo sad, Bx

  4. OH Dear...that dear little crumpled face...bless her...Bx


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