Tuesday, 11 February 2014

hair update

 Here is a tinys hair update - It still loots shocking (visit here if you haven't seen what she did to it). She doesn't want it cut off and is ok with it looking very odd for ages and ages!

I have done something to help her though. Last night, after sewing up the numerous holes (and re stuffing because he was abit limp due to the nail polish incident!) that she put in her beloved (and long suffering) ferret and a rabbit, i made her a new, wide and school jumper matching hair band. Just hope she keeps it on like i suggested!

i think I'll have to try and remember to take  picture of her every month and then make a re-growing tinys hair movie!
Anyway, before all this i was going to show what i made last week - at last here it is, a leotard for my friends girl who does gymnastics.


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