Thursday, 20 June 2013

On a go slow.

I'm on a go slow. My get up and go hasn't just got up and gone it's packed its bags and left for good! Perhaps its having a nice holiday somewhere and didn't invite me!

I just seem to be flumping on the sofa most evenings and not moving.

Its been ages since i last blogged, I've missed my blogs birthday and every thing (but then again i managed to forget my own mothers birthday too! Sorry mummy)

So as a light reintroduction i have my birthday tee-shirt to show you - its from my best friend - please excuse the boobs!

(unless there is cake)
I finally made my friend (who's birthday is in march) her birthday present. I bought her the fabric and asked what she wanted making from it. A frilly apron she replied so this is what she got.
Its hard to see but it has frills round the bottom and along the top. a pocket which i managed to pattern match, and the reverse has a pink polka dot on.

The only other thing i managed to make was the 'stage' for tinys finger puppets (which I've been helping her to glue)

So, i have some alterations to do and then i have to decide whats next...... a skate dress for tiny or a birthday dress for my little niece (and yes her birthday has gone by but i did manage to send a card, almost on time!)


  1. Love the tee!
    And well done on the stage for the puppets, it looks great!

  2. Good to see you back, I know what you mean about low energy - mine is always due to stress at work just recently. Hey ho, weekend at last!



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