Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cake day

Last night was cake baking day
I made hubby a banana cake cos its his birthday today. He likes this sort of cake but wouldn't let me put candles in it! He's taken it off to work today and has threatened to eat it all himself! well, it would be 3 of his 5 a-day!

I also made 24 little sponge cakes (see how good they look when all poshly boxed up! there is a second box underneath but as it looks the same i didn't bother to snap that!)
These will get yellow butter cream tonight and a green frog
Bom bom bom, Bom bom bom, Bom bom bom bom bom. Win or lose, sink or swim, One thing is certain, we'll never give in
I made cakes like this last year (blog post) . Apparently both of my children had to go to the headmistress to show the cakes off and show the ladies in the office! (they have both been sent to the headmistress before, when they had their jubilee outfits on and their teachers thought they looked amasing).

I think the frogs are slightly more rubbishy this year but hay-ho, they'll only get eaten!
(The school jumper is yellow with a frog on so it looks like i've made an effort!)

In other news i had a folksy order! (WOW)
A crayon roll, in floral.
did i have one made up in floral - NO. pirates, trucks, sweeties yes but floral -NO
Cue me rushing about getting wadding cos i didn't have any and rushing to sew it up!
came out nice though!



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