Monday, 10 December 2012

weekends are fun!

What ho all,
This weekend hasn't been a very fabricy one.
I have made things though!

 It is supposed to be a sleigh! its made from chocolate bars all wrapped up, candy canes and a ribbon.
 They are Christmas teacher gifts. my children and hubby were not convinced that its a sleigh, what do you think?

Also we went to christingle on Sunday. Its not something that i ever attended as a child because we didn't do it at our church, but our local church here does so i like to take the children. They enjoy it!

and yes, they did manage not to eat the sweeties till after the candles had been lit!
We had a lovely time Although i did get collared for the Christmas eve nativity play, i am now a Shepard! must find appropriate tee towel!


  1. I haven't made anything fabric-y either, but I did make Xmas dinner for 19 on Saturday for a group of guides we took away for the weekend, which I was quite proud of, my first Xmas dinner attempt!

    1. wow! 19! you are brave, i can just about manage it (with mum helping) for 8 adults and 4 kids!


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