Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Latest meanderings

well, as usual i've been busy doing work stuff! i've joined a step class so thast one less evening a week for making things but it is good for me (honest!)
After making tinys trousers (see here) i made her a tee-shirt to match using an extra bit printed on the fabric by the loverly cloth kits people. i also made up the little bag that was on the sheet of fabric having asked tiny if she wanted a big pocket or a bag!
I was in luck last week as i won a goody bag from calico laine.
There is at least a meter if not more of all of these, so any ideas of what to use them for are welcome! the pale blue is satiney and the black and white is super silky. the pink and burgendy are chiffoney, the others appear to be cotteny!
i won this little bonus after buying a scrap bag from the fabric loft
lots of loverly little bits! tiny wants me to make her some 'every colour trousers' from this! any ideas!

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  1. Wow - lots of lovely fabric - can't wait to see what you do with them! x


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