Monday, 6 December 2010


I am hoping to get some PJ's made for the kiddy winks for christmas. so far i have cut some out and zig-zaged the edges. what do you think of the fabric?

The icecreams are for tiny, the dinosaurs for my little nephew and the construction  one is making 3 pairs of PJ's bottems for my son and 2 god sons (planning to get white t-shirts and applique something on them.
still have some of the flannel left. Any ideas what to do with it?


  1. they just look so soft! I am making a little kimono shirt for a new born baby. I'll show you some pics when I finish it... I have only cut the fabric, haven't dont much really ;)

  2. Oh you can't beat traditional P.J.s for little ones. The fabric is lovely!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. What lovely fabric designs! Love the boy prints.


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