Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Weeping barbie

How do, i've been meaning to blog all week but have failed fo far.
I wanted to show you all something Tiny made on sunday. We went to leicester space centre for Doctor Who day. She made this

at the space centre

here she is, working hard

Its a weeping angel. If your into doctor who you'll understand just how scarey this is! (the image of an angel is an angel!) i'm just glad she put her tiny Dalek to keep an eye on it!

I've been making too
a birthday gift for my work chum

cake for my lads bake off! (it sold very quickly apparently)

a test version of a skate dresss.
I wonder why the test version made up easily but the proper version (which i'll show you when its done) is being a pain in the butt!


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