Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January catch up - inc stocking swap

Hello all,
Hope you've all had a good start to the new year and if you've made them you are keeping your resolutions.
We ended up with making them for each other - I have been told i have to do some exercise and in return the kids have to keep their rooms tidy! not sure it will last long!
I put the sewing machine away as usual over Christmas - if i didn't we'd have bits of thread in our Christmas lunches.
Its back out again now but here is some Christmas makes

'frozen' item!

prints for bedtime
A selection of clothes i made for niece. she had her owl outfit on after lunch!

more cats

Tiny got Fimo for Christmas so she has been making - i had to join in and followed instructions that she NEEEEEEEEDEEEEDDD a pink triceratops!

Anyways - enough of my making - 
I did a blog stocking swap with the lovely Nora@home
this is what i got sent (lucky me!)

Lots and lots of lovely Orangyness :) (yes the chocolate orange was nearly gone by the time i took pictures)and a totally awesome tardis rug mug!
Massive thank yous they are fab. 

anyway, TTFN


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