Friday, 19 December 2014

December so far......

 Yet again i have been a blog failure. I keep meaning to do it but never getting there, and worse i make things, wrap them up and send them off and then think - poop i didn't take a picture!

Well I have been making
I did a few more neck snuggies and made some star shaped baby wraps. I borrowed my next door neighbours small boy to test the pattern so he needed one to. I'm hoping to catch him using it at some point and take a snap!

This is something i received last year - i made similar for the teachers. Marsh mallows in the head, hot choc in the middle and chocolate snowmen in the bottom. hope they like them.

I did Christmas tree bunting for my tree ( a real one this year - but no skull on the top!)

I've made presents (no peaking Marianne)

cushions with pockets for story books!

And i made 30 pixie outfits in 24hrs! (more or less)

this was my plan
and this is tiny wearing hers
This was for the ice skating show that tiny and my lad were in  again this year. It was cinerfella (yes FELLA). nothing like abit of last minute costume sorting!
 anyway, if i don't manage to get back before then have a fab Christmas or what ever you celebrate at this time of year and a merry new year. xx

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  1. Awesome busy-ness. It's fab to see some of the making projects that other people get up too. I too am terrible at getting pictures of the things I make.


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