Monday, 27 January 2014

Back at last!!!!

What ho,
Finally I'm back. I've been having a computer issue but that seems to be resolved at last!
Well i did my stocking swap. I completely forgot to take any pictures of what i sent but i was completely spoilt by my swap partner

Bully had his Christmas jumper on as usual - 

 I did 2 craft fairs and had to make an extra book cover for someone
I made costumes for ours Christmas ice show (i'm very very proud of the tweedle dum and tweedle dee outfits. I'm also quite proud of the parrots seeing as i had one evening (whilst full of cold to create 5 of them!)

boot cover for the Caterpillar
I made festive cake for work
and Tiny had me help with her Christmas gift
Fingers crossed all stays well with my computer :)

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  1. The costumes look amazing and five parrots in one evening is very good going indeed.


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