Monday, 19 November 2012

My busy weekend

What ho,
I'm feeling abit tired today. I craft faired all weekend.
I expected the saturday fair to be slow as it just a little church one but it provides a good chance for me to gossip to my mum.
The sunday one was at coventry transport museum, it was a tad slow and although plenty of people looked and comented on how nice my things were there wasn't much buying going on!

anyway - here are some piccys of my stall 

he he, mum is hiding
clothes including christmas dresses and waistcoats

last minute pincushions

fat christmas birdies
 its the same basic set up on sunday

except the people on the table next to me didn't come so me and the ladies the other side spread out!
 Oh well, it does mean i have plenty to put on folksy and/or etsy.


  1. It's so disheartening when fairs are slow, please be assured that your goodies are lovely. If I had a little one I'd definately be buying one or two of your gorgoeus dresses!

  2. I do like how colourful and cheerful your table looks. Those compliments are well-deserved, even though as sellers, we certainly prefer more buying and less talking *LOL*

    Hi! I'm new to your blog; saw your comment on Crafty Helen's, and thought your username was too funny to miss :)

    I am married to a scientist, and a cat mom to a boy and girl :D I anthropomorphise them too much!

    <a href="></a>


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